Our VF Custom Pickups

Since the beginning of handcrafting our Fremediti Guitars, we also custom designed and made their pickups in our workshop, as we strongly believed (and still do) that pickups are a vital part of the sound of an electric guitar.

All this time we have managed to create a range of different types of pickups, adapted to the specific character of each guitar model we make. This procedure of experimenting gives us the experience and comfort in customizing the specs and sound character of our pickups.

In the last 5 years, beginning with our participation in the Namm show in 2015, we have received a great interest in our pickups from many guitar players. This interest kept constantly increasing in the following years and some requests for vintage style pickups started.

This led us to develop a new line of pickups, mainly with vintage orientation, tested and adapted for use on several classic designs from the big brands.

In recent years, more and more guitarists and custom guitar builders have trusted our pickups, available only on order and in limited quantities.

The enthusiastic acceptance of our vintage pickup designs together with the positive feedback of guitarists and producers who helped us with their comments and suggestions in their development, made us decide it was time to make our pickups available to the general public.

Our VF Custom Pickups are now available for sale in our website, where you can see our range, their features as well as listen to sound samples in corresponded videos.