• Polymnia - Acoustic / Electric Archtop

    Polymnia is our top equipped archtop guitar of the range, featuring a traditional pickup configuration.

    Made with premium selected solid European tonewoods, handmade traditional construction such as, X-bracing  tap tuned top, hand-graduated top and back, with the addition of some modern crafting elements, allow this guitar to deliver fully electric sounds while maintaining  its acoustic sound properties.

    Polymnia is extremely comfortable to play, as it comes equipped with our patented “Fremediti suspension tailpiece“. Our tailpiece is custom made out of titanium alloy and features six different density independent spring suspensions (one for each string), with parallel to the strings movement. This design allows the guitar to have a softer, more comfortable feel on the neck.

    A piezo acoustic handmade ebony bridge and a pair of VF-10 Jazz pickups, provide an extended electric and acoustic tone variety. The onboard “Fremediti acoustic/electric control system” is used for the control of the acoustic and electric sounds that can cover the complete range of the jazz territory and beyond.


    Model Name
    Guitar Type

    Archtop 17" Carved, hand-graduated and tuned

    Guitar Style
    Acoustic / Electric
  • Body Archtop: 17" lower bout, 3" body depth

    Carved, hand–graduated and tuned, EU spruce


    Carved, hand–graduated and tuned, EU curly maple / quilted maple

    Sides EU curly maple / quilted maple
    Bracing X-braced, EU spruce
    Neck Three-piece curly maple / quilted maple, custom neck shape
    Fingerboard Ebony / Afr. Blackwood, 12” radius / custom radius, block inlays / split block inlays / custom inlays

    Multiples black and white throughout, optional curly maple, multiples purfling strips throughout

    Width At Nut 1 ¾", bone
    Scale 25"
    Frets 21 medium jumbo

    Fremediti ebony bridge , optional with Fishman undersaddle piezo pickup


    Fremediti titanium tailpiece, ebony cover with figured top veneer*


    VF-10 Jazz humbucker set, optional Fishman undersaddle piezo pickup


    Pickup selector, volume & tone control for each pickup, optional Fremediti acoustic/electric control system

    Hardware Gotoh / Schaller tuners, ebony strap buttons, ebony knobs, included gold hardware choice
    Pickguard Wooden, figured top veneer*
    Finish Satin acrylic / Gloss poly / Gloss acrylic / nitrocellulose lacquer
    Color Natural / transparent / burst
    Strings Thomastik infeld

    Fremediti hard shell case

    * Headstock, tailpiece and pickguard set made from figured veneers
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  • Hand-graduated and Tap Tuned

    This is the most traditional way for curving the top and back of an archtop.

    Top and back plates are hand carved and very carefully graduated through their surface, using different kind of chisels and techniques. We curve the back and the top plate especially (with the help of its bracing), in such a way, that they transmit vibrations evenly through their entire surface.

    In the final stages of back and top curving, we enter into one of the most crucial procedures that will define the sound qualities of the guitar, the so called “tap tone tuning”. We carefully remove tiny parts of wood adjusting the wood thickness, checking contiguously by taping in specific areas of the back and top plate, until we achieve the “tuning” of both woods in the desired key.

    Using these tuned pieces in the construction, the guitar can produce a louder, more resonant primary tone and rich over tones.

    Fremediti Titanium Tailpiece

    Our Fremediti tailpiece suspension is a patented original design that contributes to the playability of the guitar.

    Each string has its own specific individual suspension spring, that works in parallel to the tailpiece, resulting in a much "lighter" feeling on the strings, especially on string bends. Further to that this, the tailpiece suspension mechanism does not have any contact with the soundboard, allowing it to vibrate and “breath” effortlessly, preserving this way the acoustic characteristics of the guitar.

    Our Fremediti tailpiece is machined from titanium alloy, providing added stability and reduced weight.

    Finally, a handcrafted ebony with exotic top cover, adds to the classic aesthetics of the guitar.

    Fremediti Piezo Bridge

    Height adjustable ebony bridge with a specially undersaddle Fishman acoustic piezo pickup and 1/8” width ebony saddle.

    The 1/8”ebony saddle width allows the achievement of a perfect intonation by giving the exact shape at the point of each string.

    Fremediti Acoustic/Electric Control System

    A system designed to manage the choice of acoustic or electric sounds as well as the unlimited possibilities of mixing them.

    Additionally, the system provides an acoustic pickup face selector, separate tone control for acoustic and electric sounds as well as a master volume control.

    VF-10 Jazz

    Our VF-10 jazz pickup set is a vintage-output humbucker that can stay clear even under distortion.

    Our VF-10 jazz is an incredibly versatile humbucker that can shine in almost any style of music.

    It features an alnico 5 bar magnet plus a special coil wind that give it a glassy treble response and full, tight bass, while it’s slightly scooped mids help each note to sing clearly even under high gain.

    It is wound in our Fremediti workshop VF-10 jazz uses a nickel bottom plate, 2-conductor shielded cable and it is wax potted for squeal-free performance.

    Wooden Binding and Purfling

    We wanted to offer an impeccable aesthetic appearance to our top of the line archtop and hollow-body models.

    Our Eumelia and Polymnia, as well as Amphion AC and Euphony AC, come with wooden bindings, multiply wooden purfling, multiply veneers and strips in every possible area.

    The same aesthetic detailed craft is applied also to the f-holes of the above models.

    Fremediti Deluxe Hard Case

    Our deluxe hard case is handmade from laminated wood and covered with beautiful dark brown leatherette.

    The interior of the case is covered with a quality protective velvet textile that is nitrocellulose lacquer friendly. This case is tailored to the exact size of our archtop models.

    A hygrometer is incorporated so you can control the humidity level inside the case.

    This highly protective deluxe hard-case comes as standard with any of our archtop models.

  • Extra options

    Curly maple, multiples purfling strips throughout


    Fishman undersaddle piezo pickup


    Fremediti acoustic/electric control system


    Base price: $10,400.00

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