Fremediti Features

The need for perfection, led us to the creation of innovative ideas and solutions in the crafting of our guitars, safeguarding to the traditional luthierie methods.

Hand-graduated and Tap Tuned

This is the most traditional way for curving the top and back of an archtop.

Top and back plates are hand carved and very carefully graduated through their surface, using different kind of chisels and techniques. We curve the back and the top plate especially (with the help of its bracing), in such a way, that they transmit vibrations evenly through their entire surface.

In the final stages of back and top curving, we enter into one of the most crucial procedures that will define the sound qualities of the guitar, the so called “tap tone tuning”. We carefully remove tiny parts of wood adjusting the wood thickness, checking contiguously by taping in specific areas of the back and top plate, until we achieve the “tuning” of both woods in the desired key.

Using these tuned pieces in the construction, the guitar can produce a louder, more resonant primary tone and rich over tones.

Fremediti Titanium Tailpiece

Our Fremediti tailpiece suspension is a patented original design that contributes to the playability of the guitar.

On the tailpiece there is a suspension system which absorbs a small part of the string tension when we press the strings against the frets, resulting in a "lighter" feeling on the strings, especially on string bends. Further to that this, the tailpiece suspension mechanism does not have any contact with the soundboard, allowing it to vibrate and “breath” effortlessly, preserving this way the acoustic characteristics of the guitar.
In addition this system absorbes a part of the structural stress, created from bending, preserving this way the structural integrity of the more delicate materials and construction used on an acoustic instrument.

Our Fremediti tailpiece is machined from titanium alloy, providing added stability and reduced weight, while at the same time making the sound brighter and cleaner.

Finally, an ebony cover with exotic top veneer, adds to the classic aesthetics of the guitar.

Fremediti Eumelia Pedal

Eumelia is the top of the line acoustic guitar in our archtop line. In order to preserve its unique acoustic characteristics, we had to come up with a solution, for the control of the acoustic and the electric pickups, without placing any parts on the soundboard. So we created an of board control pedal housed in an elegant custom alloy box.

This control pedal allows the switching or blending between the acoustic piezo and the electric pickup as well as the use of the active or passive EQ, making it an ideal companion to Eumelia.

Fremediti Piezo Bridge

Height adjustable ebony bridge with a specially undersaddle Fishman acoustic piezo pickup and 1/8” width ebony saddle.

The 1/8”ebony saddle width allows the achievement of a perfect intonation by giving the exact shape at the point of each string.

Wooden Binding and Purfling

We wanted to offer an impeccable aesthetic appearance to our top of the line archtop and hollow-body models.

Our Eumelia and Polymnia, as well as Amphion AC and Euphony AC, come with wooden bindings, multiply wooden purfling, multiply veneers and strips in every possible area.

The same aesthetic detailed craft is applied also to the f-holes of the above models.

Pickguard mounted to the neck

At the hollow body models the floating pickup with pickguard is mounted to the neck without any contact with the guitar top, thus not affecting its free vibration.

Pots Mounted to the Fingerrest

Two mini pots are discreetly positioned under the fingerrest, without any contact with the guitar top, thus not affecting its free vibration.

Additionally, this set up does not interfere with the classic appearance of the guitar.

Fremediti Acoustic/Electric System

A system designed to manage the choice of acoustic or electric sounds as well as the unlimited possibilities of mixing them.

Additionally, the system provides an acoustic pickup face selector, separate tone control for acoustic and electric sounds as well as a master volume control.

No pickup holes at hollow bodys

For our hollow guitars we have designed the pickups in such a way that no holes are needed in the body, thus not affecting its free vibration.

Handmade Laminated Plates

We carefully select and laminate the wood layers for our tops and backs.

We form their thickness and hardness accordingly, checking the tone characteristics of each top and back plate throughout the process, until we achieve a balanced tone character.

Three-piece neck

All of our semi and hollow guitars comes with three-piece neck, which provides stability but also the ability to control the elasticity of the neck.


The varitone circuit is an RLC notch filter that can be added in the guitars main circuit.

It utilizes a variety of capacitors to achieve a reduction in frequencies at set points within the overall bandwidth. As the varitone is rotated from (position 1) to (position 6), the center frequency (f0) of the filter shifts from higher to lower frequencies.

The key point in order to get the most effective results of this RLC circuit is the adjustment of its characteristics according to the guitars main circuit specs (pickups, pots, capacitors, cable types).

Long tenon neck joint

Arion comes with long tenon neck joint.

Smooth Transition Set-neck Joint

Orpheus models (set-neck edition), features a soft double cutaway body design with easy reach to the last frets.

This is obtained by the smooth neck to body transition shape and special design of the neck to body joint.

The set neck construction additionally results in more sustain and stability of the guitar construction.