Amphion - Electric Semi-hollow

Amphion is our full body semi hollow, single cutaway guitar, with classic lines and traditional craftsmanship.

Premium grade tonewoods are used for its construction, offering exceptional constancy in stability and tone. We carefully select and laminate the wood layers one by one, checking, throughout the process, the tone characteristics of each top and back, achieving a balanced tone character.

It futures a center block made from selected American maple and spruce. The shape of the center block is designed in a way to allow the two hollow compartments to communicate, thus extending the “breathing” and harmony of vibrations.

The guitar comes equipped with two custom-wound VF-15 Classic custom humbucker pickups and can optionally be equipped with a varitone 5-way rotary switch. This way the player can take full advantage of the pickups and electric layout capabilities, having an extended sound palette available. As a result, our Amphion is a multi-talented toneful instrument that can cover any style of playing.

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        Handmade Laminated Plates

        We carefully select and laminate the wood layers for our tops and backs.

        We form their thickness and hardness accordingly, checking the tone characteristics of each top and back plate throughout the process, until we achieve a balanced tone character.

        Three-piece neck

        All of our semi and hollow guitars comes with three-piece neck, which provides stability but also the ability to control the elasticity of the neck.


        The varitone circuit is an RLC notch filter that can be added in the guitars main circuit.

        It utilizes a variety of capacitors to achieve a reduction in frequencies at set points within the overall bandwidth. As the varitone is rotated from (position 1) to (position 6), the center frequency (f0) of the filter shifts from higher to lower frequencies.

        The key point in order to get the most effective results of this RLC circuit is the adjustment of its characteristics according to the guitars main circuit specs (pickups, pots, capacitors, cable types).

        VF-15 Classic

        The VF-15 classic is a moderate output versatile humbucker set for those sweet sustained lead tones.

        Made with our custom winding specs, combined with an alnico 5 bar magnet, this balanced set provides sustain, crunch, and midrange.

        It is wound in our Fremediti workshop and features a nickel bottom plate with long mounting legs, 2-conductor lead wire and wax potting for squeal-free performance.

        VF-17 Plus

        The VF-17 plus is a high output versatile humbucker set.

        It has a unique full tone and offers an excellent balance of bass, mids & treble. This even response makes it extremely versatile and great for all types of music and playing styles.

        Uses an alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel bottom plate, 4-conductor shielded cable for multiple wiring options and it is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

        VF-59 Vintage

        Our VF-59 Vintage is our take, with a twist, to the famous P.A.F design of the 50’s iconic humbuckers.

        They are wound in our Fremediti workshop featuring all US top quality components as, nickel bottom plates, custom machined metal spacers & maple spacers, 2-conductor shielded cables and vacuum wax potting for squeal-free performance and they are carrying some unique tone characteristics as:
        - Clean and articulate sound with a lot of sustain, attack and exceptional note separation, allowing complex chords to shine even under high gain.
        - Perfectly balanced frequency response that combines a soft, sweet treble attack with a warm, full sounding low-end, through the complete range of the fretboard.
        - Wide range of dynamics and harmonics.
        - Unchanged sound character in ultra clean or heavily distorted sounds.
        - Airy openness to the top-end providing clarity and articulation to chords.

        Our VF-59 Vintage pickups can be ordered unpotted for that genuine 50’s P.A.F. specs and with long or short feet in order to accommodate all guitar designs.

        VF-P90 Vintage

        Our vintage correct recreation set of the very first single-coils, with all of the midrange grittiness that makes the P90 pickups so unique.

        The dual alnico 5 bar magnets and the short wide bobbins give the P90 its unique tonal character with a powerful midrange and higher output than most other types of single coils.

        In the bridge position, the pickup has sparkly mids that really give it a gritty, open tone, while the neck position, sounds sweet and smooth, and delivers some big fat sounding chords.

        Our VF-P90 vintage is wound in our Fremediti workshop, using plain enamel wire and it comes with vintage braided single-conductor hookup cable and is wax potted for squeal free-performance.

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        Guitar Video

        Fremediti Amphion

        Guitar Video

        Doc Powel with Amphion

        Guitar Video

        Fremediti Amphion

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        • Body type

          Semi hollow

        • Body size
          16.5" lower bout, 1.77" body depth
        • Body inside


        • Neck wood
          Three-piece maple
        • Neck shape
          C profile
        • Truss rod
          Fremediti 1-way
        • Fretboard wood
        • Fretboard radius
        • Scale
        • Frets
          22 jumbo
        • Width ut nut
          1- 11/16"
        • Nut
        • Fretboard inlays
          MOP block inlays
        • Headstock face
          Curly maple with MOP logo


        • Hardware color
        • Tailpiece

          Bigsby B70 tremolo

        • Bridge

          Gotoh tune-o-matic

        • Tuners
          Gotoh Midsize 510
        • Pickguard
          3-ply abs
        • Knobs
          Speed knobs
        • Strap buttons


        • Controls

          Pickup selector, 2 volume controls, 2 tone controls


        • Guitar binding

          3-ply cream (cbc)

        • Guitar color
        • Guitar finish
          Gloss acrylic
        • Strings
          Nickel wound customer's choice
        • Case

          Hard shell case

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