• Orpheus S - Electic Solid Body

    Orpheus-S is the latest addition in our Orpheus range.

    It is a solid body set-neck edition of our original Orpheus model. It futures a soft double cutaway body design with easy reach to the last frets, offered by the smooth neck to body transition shape and special neck to body joint. The set neck construction adds sustain and stability to the guitar. Orpheus-S can be ordered choosing from a vast selection of tonewoods for the body, neck and fretboard.

    The guitar can be equipped with a hardtail bridge or a floating type tremolo system. The body can be fitted with top binding as an option and the guitar can be ordered with many different pickup configurations.




    Model name
    Orpheus S
    Guitar type
    Solid Body
    Guitar style
    Orpheus-S shown with different configurations
  • Body Swamp ash, alder, mahogany, walnut, or cherry wood, optional flamed or quilted maple top, optional figured wood drop top veneer over all body woods
    Neck One piece maple bolt-on, optional set-neck
    Headstock* Optional figured top veneer
    Fingerboard Madagascar rosewood, optional ebony or ziricote or Brasilian rosewood, 12” radius, with m.o.p. inlays
    Width At Nut 1- 11/16 ", bone
    Scale 25"
    Frets 22 medium jumbo
    Tailpiece Non-trem tailpiece, optional floating tremolo
    Pickup Fremediti pickups (customers choice from: I-65S, I-96S, D-76S, T-84S)
    Controls Pickup selector, volume and tone control for each pickup
    Hardware Gotoh tuners, metal jack plate, metal strap buttons, plastic knobs, optional metal or wooden knobs
    Pickguard* Abs plastic, optional wooden with figured top veneer
    Finish Gloss poly or matte acrylic
    Color Solid colors, optional burst finishes
    Strings Nickel wound customers choice: (9 - 42) (10 - 46) (11 - 49)
    Case Hard shell case included

    * Headstock and pickguard set can be made from figured veneers

  • Fremediti I-65S

    Fremediti I-65S

    A special P.A.F. hand wound design that gives fatter bridge tone, with more midrange harmonics.

    A  sonically unique humbucker set that pushes your amp and adds a very slight natural compression and sustain to your sound. Perfect for raw overdriven rock sounds. This hand wound Fremediti I-65S humbucker set uses a rough cast alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate and single conductor braided lead wire.

    Fremediti I-96S

    Fremediti I-96S

    A custom overwound P.A.F.-like humbucker set with moderate to high output, perfectly voiced for supreme blues, rock, and metal.

    The I-96S is a hot humbucker set which uses alnico 8 magnet and custom-wound coils and can be described as a P.A.F.-on-steroids. It has tight lows, a bump in the upper midrange which gives you more character and crunch, and airy highs that cut through distortion but at the same time can produce crystal-clear clean tones. As all our pickups, it is hand built in our Fremediti workshop and comes with 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

    Fremediti D-76S

    Fremediti D-76S
    The D-76S set, is a vintage correct recreation of the 50’s Tele pickups. They offer the unique Tele tone, full of twang and bite in the bridge position and warm and open tone in the neck.

    This custom wound pickup set is made for rock, blues, and country. The bridge pickup uses alnico 5 rod magnets with raised D and G poles, coupled with a lower output wind, gives well defined treble response that is perfectly suited to any lead playing. The Neck pickup is designed for a smooth open tone with warm lower mids and airy highs. Keeping to that authentic Tele feel, we hand assemble the bobbin with the period correct color and thickness Forbon and alnico 5 rod magnets, then lacquer it before winding. We add a deep drawn chrome plated brass cover, cloth pushback lead wires, then wax pot like the originals.

    Fremediti T-84S

    Our vintage correct recreation set of the very first single-coils, with all of the midrange grittiness that makes the P90 pickups so unique.

    The dual alnico 5 bar magnets, and the short, wide bobbins give the P90 its unique tonal character with a powerful midrange and higher output than most other types of single coils. In the bridge position, the pickup has sparkly mids that really give it a gritty, open tone, while the neck position, sounds sweet and smooth, and delivers some big fat sounding chords. Our T-84S is hand wound in our Fremediti workshop, with plain enamel wire and comes with vintage braided single-conductor hookup cable and is wax potted for squeal free-performance.

  • Extra options

    Flamed or quilted maple top $250 €225
    Figured wood drop top veneer over all body woods $100 €90
    Figured veneer pickguard and headstock matching set (large veneer selection) $100 €90
    One piece maple smoothed set-neck $400 €360
    Brasilian rosewood fretboard $250 €225
    Ebony, ziricote fretboard $150 €135
    24 frets neck $100 €90
    Floating tremolo system $100 €90
    Ebony knobs $50 €45
    Gold plated hardware $200 €180
    Burst finishes $100 €90

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