• Arion Deluxe - Electric Solid Body

    Arion Deluxe takes elements from the classic solid body single cut design, known and loved for the great rock and bluesy sounds that sculptured the music of the last decades.

    As in all our guitars we follow the path of traditional hand craftsmanship with no cnc machines involved in any step of the process.

    To achieve the unique feel and tone of this beloved design we use premium grade tonewoods as well as top quality parts and materials.
    We carefully select the woods and parts, checking, throughout the process the tone characteristics in order to achieve the desired organic, famous tone character of this design.

    The guitar comes equipped with a pair of our VF-17 Plus hand-wound humbucker pickups that provide warm articulated tones, while maintaining punch and clarity.

    Arion Deluxe is an exceptionally comfortable and versatile guitar combining classic vibe and modern reliability.


    Model Name
    Arion Deluxe
    Guitar Type

    Solid Body

    Guitar Style
  • Body Mahogany
    Body Top Maple, optional curly maple / figured drop top veneer
    Neck One-piece mahogany, optional asymmetrical neck shape / custom neck shape
    Fingerboard Rosewood, optional Madagascar rosewood / ebony / Brazilian rosewood / Afr. Blackwood, 12" radius, optional compound radius / custom radius, m.o.p. dots inlays, optional block inlays / trapezoid inlays / custom inlays, abs plastic binding, optional wooden binding

    Body top and fingerboard abs plastic binding, optional unpainted sides of drop top wood - binding look

    Width At Nut 1- 11/16", bone / tusq / graphite / buffalo horn
    Scale 24.750"
    Frets 22 medium jumbo, optional stainless steel

    Gotoh / ABR-1 Tune-o-matic


    Gotoh, optional Bigsby B7 tremolo system


    Customer's choice from VF-15 Classic / VF-17 Plus / VF-59 Vintage / VF-P90 Vintage set


    Pickup selector, volume and tone control for each pickup, optional push-push  split  switch (pots: CTS, switches and jack: Switchcraft)

    Hardware Gotoh / Schaller tuners, bell knobs with metal indicators, optional wooden knobs / gold hardware
    Pickguard 3-ply, bwb / black / cream (abs plastic)
    Finish Satin acrylic, optional gloss poly / gloss acrylic / nitrocellulose lacquer
    Color Natural, optional transparent / metallic / pearl / burst
    Strings Nickel wound customer's choice: (10 - 46) (11 - 49) (12 - 52)

    Hard shell case

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  • VF-59 Vintage

    Our VF-59 Vintage is our take, with a twist, to the famous P.A.F design of the 50’s iconic humbuckers.

    They are wound in our Fremediti workshop featuring all US top quality components as, nickel bottom plates, custom machined metal spacers & maple spacers, 2-conductor shielded cables and vacuum wax potting for squeal-free performance and they are carrying some unique tone characteristics as:
    - Clean and articulate sound with a lot of sustain, attack and exceptional note separation, allowing complex chords to shine even under high gain.
    - Perfectly balanced frequency response that combines a soft, sweet treble attack with a warm, full sounding low-end, through the complete range of the fretboard.
    - Wide range of dynamics and harmonics.
    - Unchanged sound character in ultra clean or heavily distorted sounds.
    - Airy openness to the top-end providing clarity and articulation to chords.

    Our VF-59 Vintage pickups can be ordered unpotted for that genuine 50’s P.A.F. specs and with long or short feet in order to accommodate all guitar designs.

    VF-15 Classic

    The VF-15 classic is a moderate output versatile humbucker set for those sweet sustained lead tones.

    Made with our custom winding specs, combined with an alnico 5 bar magnet, this balanced set provides sustain, crunch, and midrange.

    It is wound in our Fremediti workshop and features a nickel bottom plate with long mounting legs, 2-conductor lead wire and wax potting for squeal-free performance.

    VF-17 Plus

    The VF-17 plus is a high output versatile humbucker set.

    It has a unique full tone and offers an excellent balance of bass, mids & treble. This even response makes it extremely versatile and great for all types of music and playing styles.

    Uses an alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel bottom plate, 4-conductor shielded cable for multiple wiring options and it is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

  • Extra options

    Curly maple top


    Figured drop top veneer


    Unpainted sides of drop top wood - binding look


    Asymmetrical neck shape


    Custom neck shape


    Figured headstock veneer


    Fingerboard wooden binding


    Madagascar rosewood fingerboard


    Ebony fingerboard


    Brazilian rosewood fingerboard


    African Blackwood fingerboard


    Compound radius


    Block inlays


    Trapezoid inlays


    Custom inlays

    Stainless steel frets


    Bigsby B7 tremolo


    Wooden knobs (per item)


    Gold hardware


    Push-push  split  switch


    Transparent colors


    Metallic colors


    Pearl colors


    Burst colors


    Gloss poly


    Gloss acrylic


    Nitrocellulose lacquer


    Base price: $3,100.00

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