Fremediti Eumelia Pedal

Fremediti Eumelia Pedal

Our Eumelia guitar stands out in our archtop line, as the most traditional model.

To get the maximum of its capabilities without affecting its acoustic sound, we designed and developed in house the "Eumelia control pedal".

It is an external management system, in pedal format that carries all the electronic wiring of the guitar. This way the guitar top remains free of parts and elements that can affect the sound qualities of the guitar. On the other hand, it gives the player the possibility to have a great selection of acoustic and electric sounds, as well as the ability of blending them.

The guitar comes equipped with two output connectors, one XLR type for the use with the "Eumelia control pedal" and a normal one for using the guitar with the on-board "under thumb rest", mini disc knobs.

All the above features offer "Eumelia" unlimited potential in sound shaping.

The pedal contains an electric/acoustic selector, a blend on-off mode, a blend balance pot, an active or passive EQ switch and an acoustic pickup face selector.


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